Our Services

Maximizing the freshness of your seafood by offering fresh products delivered straight to your door. Our salmon is always responsibly sourced and we inspect and cut all of our product locally. Our state-of-the-art processing facility is run by an experienced team that ensures quality and consistency stays a priority. This is what makes our salmon superior to the rest.

Retail Distribution

Grocers throw away dozens of billions of pounds of expired food every year! That’s why our mission is to provide only the freshest seafood ingredients on demand. Our in-house processing allows us to deliver fillets, portions and other value-added items hours off the knife, extending shelf life and reducing waste.

Wholesale Distribution

As an influential player in the seafood industry, we collaborate with broadline foodservice companies to bring the highest quality ingredients to culinary leaders in Southern California and beyond. We are dedicated to maintaining positive working relationships with our partners so that our organization can continue to bring delectable and healthy food choices to our community.

Custom Processing

We’re not just salmon people. We have the capability and expertise to process a wide variety of species and special pack sizes to meet your needs. Our expert sales team will help manage and plan for your needs to keep you in stock year-round.

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